University of Georgia Food Court
Multi-station food court at the University of Georgia East Village Commons features Corian® Design, creating a stylish and functional food service environment.


  • Designing a multi-station and food court area in a campus student center and dining facility.
  • Creating a stylish, fun and functional serving environment for a 580-seat dining hall and cyber café.
  • Choosing durable, renewable materials that will stand up to the wear and tear of a busy food service environment as well as daily use by the student population.


  • Selecting surface materials that were durable and easy to maintain but could also add color and beauty as a featured design element.
  • Finding materials that could meet the varied design requirements for a number of unique applications including: hot/cold serving platforms, tray stands, countertops, display boxes and beverage stations.
  • Choosing surfaces that could stand up to spills, stains, chips, cracks, extreme temperatures and food service code requirements.


  • With a sleek, streamlined look and varied color palette, Corian® Quartz added a cohesive element to the many varied chef serving stations.
  • Corian® Quartz is durable and renewable. It resists chips, cracks, scratches and stains—making cleaning and maintenance simple.
  • A wide range of features made Corian® Quartz ideal for a food service environment. These included: NSF/ANSI 51 food contact Certification and a Class 1(A) fire rating.


  • The radiant surface of Corian® Quartz is beautifully unique and durable. It requires no sealants or treatments, keeping cleaning and maintenance simple.
  • Corian® Quartz is beautiful and stylish, yet practical and functional—making it the ideal choice for a wide range of food service applications.


  • University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
  • Collins Cooper Carusi Architect
  • Color: Corian® Quartz Space Black and Corian® Quartz Cloud White
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