Corian® Quartz for Retail Design
Corian® Quartz Valente Pearl Retail Application

When today’s most adventurous architects and designers tackle retail interiors, you’ll find Corian® Quartz artfully deployed across a wide range of applications including checkout counters, food service areas, interior wall surfaces, and restrooms.

Consider the Reception Counter

Corian® Quartz is a smart and sensible choice for reception counters with endless texture and color options. It can be as seductive to the touch as it is beguiling to the eye, making it the ideal retail environment performer. Nonporous Corian® Quartz, when properly cleaned, does not support the growth of mold or mildew. It also stands up to the rigors of heavy traffic. It’s renewable and enduring, yet it can be as bold, whimsical or innovative as your most ambitious designs.

Beautiful and Up for Any Challenge

Corian® Quartz, with its creative colors and practical benefits, is ideal for virtually any retail store design. Architects and designers prefer Corian® Quartz for retail design because this remarkable surface combines the enigmatic light-play of shimmering natural quartz crystal with extreme durability. 

Other Uses & Applications