Corian® Quartz for Healthcare

The fight to control infections in healthcare facilities is no longer just a facility issue.

Today, helping with infection control is an important issue in hospital interior design. The surfaces that you specify play an important role in helping you create safe and healthy environments. Nonporous, easy-to-maintain, and extremely strong, Corian® Quartz is highly suitable for important public-facing applications, such as reception desks in healthcare environments.

Meets and Exceeds Healthcare Design standards

Corian® Quartz has the beauty of natural stone, without all the maintenance. It is unconventionally beautiful. Dramatic veining and movement stir the imagination. When creating a healthcare environment, Corian® Quartz combines design and color to create beautiful countertops, tables, and walls in a peaceful waiting room. Corian® Quartz is:

  • Easy-to-clean and maintain - No sealant, polish or reconditioning is necessary and, when properly cleaned, Corian® Quartz does not support the growth of mold and mildew.
  • A nonporous and stain-resistant surface.
  • Corian® Quartz is created from quartz crystal, one of nature´s hardest materials, making it scratch-resistant.
  • GREENGUARD Certified® as a low VOC-emitting material and GREENGUARD Listed for microbial resistance.
  • Class I (A) fire rated.
  • Most colors of Corian® Quartz are NFS/ANSI Standard 51 Certified for food contact.
  • Available in numerous colors.

A Walk Through the Hospital

See how materials like Corian® Quartz are being utilized in healthcare spaces.

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Other benefits of Corian® Quartz that make it the ideal choice for the design of healthcare settings:

  • Corian® Quartz creates an inviting aesthetic for lobby and reception areas.
  • Because of its high durability, Corian® Quartz withstands frequent contact with patient beds, wheelchairs, and medical equipment.
  • Public rooms benefit from the nonporous surface of Corian® Quartz that’s both easy to clean and renew.
  • Using Corian® Quartz in patient rooms makes it easy to achieve an aesthetically pleasing design that gives patients confidence in cleanliness and attention to their care.
  • Corian® Quartz comes in many colors to help stimulate early childhood development in neonatal and pediatric areas.
  • The certified hygienic properties of Corian® Quartz make it ideal for testing areas and labs.
Other Uses & Applications