The Latest Colors of Corian® Quartz

North American Color Portfolio

Celebrating both its history and future, London is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city. Its misty environment contrasts an energetic vibe to inspire the Corian® Quartz London collection of aesthetics. Created to offer sublime options in design, three unique looks embody the sophistication and richness of the architecture and limitless style of this world capital.


Three looks offer diverse and endlessly adaptable styles to any interior aesthetic. London Abbey offers a fresh, light-hearted take on marble as light grey veins flow through a white background for a subtle take on the city-scape. London Sky creates a calming atmosphere with a light background and understated tone-on-tone veins that seemingly hover in the surface for a classic design ideal. And London Royal embraces its rich, majestic roots with a subtle grey background punctuated with swirling veins and larger particles for a look that is noble and classic, yet ready for the modern age.


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