Tulalip Casino Design


  • Designing a sophisticated casino that merged high-class Las Vegas style with Tulalip Native American cultural elements and beliefs.
  • Selecting beautiful, durable, renewable materials that will meet the high standards of a busy entertainment venue, open 24 hours a day.
  • Choosing versatile and visually unique materials for 12 varied settings within the same facility.


  • Finding stylish, interesting surfaces that can accommodate curved designs and withstand constant traffic.
  • Selecting surfaces that are easy to clean, maintain and renew to minimize expensive downtime in a 24-hour environment.
  • Choosing materials that can meet unique design criteria for various applications as well as building codes for ADA, food service, fire rating, etc.


  • Corian® Quartz provided the color, texture, and finish necessary to create the graceful consistancy throughout the casino design
  • Known for durability, Corian® Quartz offers easy maintenance and minimum downtime in high-traffic areas.
  • Corian® Quartz meets varied requirements for a wide range of casino environments. These include: ADA when installed properly, NSF/ANSI 51 Certification for food contact for all food types and Class 1 (Class A) fire rated.


  • The radiance of a Corian® Quartz is beautifully unique and durable. It requires no sealants or treatments, making its wide range of colors easy to maintain.
  • Corian® Quartz meets a wide range of design and building requirements. It is a stylish, yet practical choice for a variety of applications.
  • Corian® Quartz paired nicely with the Corian® Solid Surface designs.


  • Tulalip Casino, Marysville, Washington
  • Shirley LaFollette & Donna Rogers, Project Managers
  • Interior Design International, Inc.
  • Color: Corian® Quartz Space Black
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